"Like a gift voucher, except its value increases EVERY month. Guaranteed.

Join our community and help support our team"

"Our aim is that we work together during this difficult period. We have had to close our own Bars, for reasons we wholeheartedly support, but can no longer sell to our trade customers either. We are looking for upfront support to keep our business afloat & keep every person in our 24 strong team in full time jobs - in return, you get to massively increase your beer credit in a short period of time. Redeem whenever you want on our online shop, but the longer you wait, the more you get to spend!"

James Roberts, Founder & CEO

  • Each Beer Bond will increase in value by 5% EVERY month

  • That's 150% in just 10 months!

  • Double up in less than 2 years!

  • Redeem on our online shop, or at our Brewery Shop


The boring but important bits...


- Each bond has 5% of the original investment added to the total credit each month.

- Beer Bonds will be increased in value no later than the last calendar day of each month.

- For purchases of Mobberley Brewhouse beer only. No other products qualify.

- Bond interest will permanently stop increasing after 20 months.

- Once purchased, MBH Beer Bonds cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.


*In just 10 months, each respective MBH Beer Bond will be worth:

  • Silver (£50) will be worth £75 credit

  • Red (£100) will be worth £150 credit

  • Gold (£150) will be worth £225 credit

For full Terms & Conditions, see product description - listed below Shipping Info.

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