Our one-day craft beer & gin festival...

A showcasing of hand picked beer & gin - an amazing lineup, featuring beers from ourselves as well as other producers we love

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17 Aug 2019, 12:00 – 16:00
17 Aug 2019, 18:00 – 22:00
MBH summertime festival flyer (1).jpg

Two sessions, only 200 tickets...one huge selection of

the best beer & gin around.

It almost doesn't make sense how big the selection is for such a small number of attendees, but once in a while you just have to live a little - we have wanted to do this for a long time, so come celebrate with us!

MBH summertime festival flyer (1).jpg

Tell me more!

LOCATION: Our Brewery Shop provides the perfect, (indoor & outdoor) laid back setting for a chilled out afternoon or evening session spent drinking the best beer & gin we can get our hands on. Street FOOD in the form of Project 53 Pizza - a menu full of specials & pairing suggestions will be prepared specially for the event. GETTING HERE: due to our rural location we are providing transport (tickets above) so that you can get to and from the event from our taproom in Knutsford (nearby Knutsford train station), simply book yourself a ticket and be there on time! What sort of GIN serves can I expect? If you've ever had one at either of our taprooms you'll know we don't do things by halves - expect unique pairings, flamboyant garnishes and lots of choice! Will there be OTHER DRINKS? No, with the exception of water. The entire focus of the event is Beer & Gin, the products we love and produce. What BEERS will be pouring? We have stated which Breweries we will be showcasing and nearer the time we will be able to announce exactly which beers you can look forward to once they have been confirmed! What is the split between CASK/KEG? The focus is weighted toward Keg, with more than 35 of the beers pouring from Keg. There will be a huge variety of different styles & ABV's. Can I bring my DOG? We welcome all very well behaved dogs and will even lay on refreshments. Can I bring someone UNDER 18 years of age? Sorry, but due to very limited capacity at our shop, as well as the nature of the event, attendees must strictly be 18+ year of age. *Challenge 25 - you may be asked to provide ID upon entry. TICKETS are limited due to the nature of the event and the size of the venue, as such refunds are not available. Enjoy the event and please drink responsibly. Cheers!


Featured Breweries:

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and more...