The beating heart of Mobberley Brewhouse is our 20BBL brew kit. Purpose built and fundamental to our success in consistently producing new & exciting beers across several packaging formats. 


We have a custom built 20BBl brew kit.

Installed in 2017, this new equipment was a game changer, aiding the growth in diversity, quality & consistency of our beers.


We use over 20 types of MALT in different beers throughout the year. From pale & roasted malts in an amber cask beer, to wheat & oats in a double IPA, each variety lends its own unique characteristics to every one of our beers.

HOPS play a huge part in the flavour and aroma profiles of all of our beers - a raw material we are very passionate about; we use hops from all around the World, with the majority coming from the UK, New Zealand & United States. We use more than 30 varieties of hops in different beers throughout the year.


YEAST is the last of our main ingredients and plays a key role in delivering specific flavour and aroma profiles to each of our beers. Pale ales, IPA's, Saisons, Imperial Stouts and more, we use the right yeast strain in each to take the beer to the next level.


Yeast trub, waste liquid & spent hops are recycled into green energy & fertiliser and spent grains are fed daily to a hungry heard of local cattle - our constant efforts to achieve a 'closed loop' production process ensure we do our utmost to reduce our footprint and give back to the land that we rely on so heavily to brew our beers.